Steloy Casting

In the petro-chemical industry, various sizes of tube sheets in 50/50 Cr/Ni have been delivered to South Africa's Natref oil refinery.

Established in 1984 Steloy Casting today ranks as the most advanced and modern specialist foundry group in South Africa. This enviable position has been achieved through a dedication to quality, customer service and prompt delivery.

Steloy Castings supplies a complete ranfe of static and centrifugal cast alloy of corrosion, heat, abrasion resistance and other alloy material.


Steloy Casting centrifugally cast range consists of the following:


Furnace tube hanger in HP45, HK40 & ASTMA447 Type II material.
Due to extreme gravitational force present during solidification in conjunction with relatively fast solidification rates, Centrifugally Casting produce an extraordinary level of metal soudness and minimized segregation in achieving exceptional metallurgical level of metal.
AZTECH is appointed as the Exclusive Agent for Steloy Castings in S.E. Asia Region
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